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Thousands of bankers across Europe are now using baningo-select to attract new clients by allowing them to get in touch as quickly and conveniently as possible.
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Maximize your conversion rate,
increase your outcome!

Try it! Simply adjust the number of your advisors and explore the possible results with baningo-select.
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Increase your
number of appointments and your profits 🚀

Make it easier and more convenient than ever for your (new) customers to contact your advisors. Easier access channels lead to more deals, higher sales and more efficient use of your advisors. With our solution and our best practice examples to 1,000% higher contact rates!

Profit from a 10x increase
of your contact points with new clients

Schedule a call with us if:

you have more than 30 advisors

you want to experience a massive increase in contact requests via your website

you want to make your advisors more visible and accessible

you want to maximize the outcome of your digitalization measures

you want to listen to a cute Austrian dialect 😊

Customer Feedback

Frequently asked questions
about baningo-select

How does baningo-select increase your revenue?

Using our service generates more online visitors and higher contact rates by creating better online visibility for your financial advisors. Our simplified and streamlined solution to match clients with advisors guarantees an excellent conversion rate, which means more new business and higher sales for you. Surveys also show that customers who choose their own advisor develop a closer relationship with them and their bank. This leads to higher sales over the entire customer life cycle.

How does baningo-select help us acquire new customers?

baningo-select is a tool that can offer prospective clients an effortless point of contact with banks. Despite using digital channels, numerous studies show that many bank customers want personal connection with their advisors. This is particularly the case for high-margin products, such as mortgage loans or securities investments. baningo-select supports the acquisition of new customers.

How does baningo-select help us get more online visitors?

baningo-select is a modern tool for conversion optimization, and thanks to search engine optimization, advisor profiles are easily found and displayed in Google search. This leads to more website visitors and significantly increases the bank's online visibility and brand awareness.

What are the costs for baningo-select?

baningo-select consists of a one-time setup and ongoing operation. Setup cost depends on whether you choose the “compact version” or the “individual version” of baningo-select. Expenses related to ongoing operations will depend on how many advisors you have and the version of baningo-select you are using. Get in touch with us.

Do you want to have more
contacts, customers, revenue and sales?

Whether online or offline, we have the right solution for you. Contact us now!