baningo-select Features

Search and profiles

Filter criteria can also be adapted to your needs. The standard package includes filtering by your level of specialisation, region and language.

Your advisors will be made visible and accessible online with an informative and up-to-date profile. The profiles can be created, updated and expanded independently.


Contact via Messenger

The baningo messenger is an effective additional communication channel and a quick and easy way for clients and advisors to get and stay in touch - from an initial contact to signing.

Online appointments

Online appointment scheduling complements the extensive range of functions. It enables your clients to see when advisors are available and to book an appointment.


File sharing

This function enables data exchange between you and your client. Important documents can be uploaded and modified before or during a meeting. Data on baningo-select is sent exclusively via 256-bit encryption.

New Features

Contact via Video chat

This feature saves your clients from making unnecessary trips. Your advisors can easily and directly advise clients via video chat from their PC, tablet or mobile phone.


baningo-select will soon provide the transmission of your screen. That way you can easily show your charts, presentations or metrics to clients during a live call.


baningo-select is the first solution on the market designed for large corporations, SMEs and EPUs alike. This is also reflected in our prices. But convince yourself!

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